Concept Art, Character Design and the Drawing Techniques of Fantasy Art

Introducing the learner to the fundamental Drawing Techniques of Fantasy Art. Learners will study basic drawing techniques such as line and contour, gesture, form and volume. They will subsequently breakdown the humanoid forms using geometric shapes to create dynamic drawings for character design, storyboarding and animation.

Course Content

This course is aimed at aspiring learners and professionals. We will focus on creating outstanding concept art, looking at some of the industry’s most talented artists and creators. Students will be shown traditional techniques both digital and 2D based. Studying the realism of fantasy art, refining anatomical detail, broadening imaginative capabilities, presentation of character turns around as well as environment rendering and digital spiting.

This course will give each student the tools and knowledge needed when endeavouring to find a career in the animation industry.

Tutor - Oisin Roche

Oisin Roche

Oisin Roche was born in Dublin in 1973. His first solo exhibition was with the Guinness Gallery Foxrock in 1992 and he has had several one man exhibitions of his paintings since Oisin’s work is based on the study of nature based on a classical foundation of drawing and composition. His skillful use of the expressive possibilities of oil paint such as impasto, chiaroscuro, and glazing – techniques he perfected from intensive study of the old masters – gives his paintings a lasting character.

Oisin’s paintings have been shown internationally, his last showing being at the BP Portrait Awards at the National Portrait Gallery London with his portrait of journalist and author John Waters.

Oisin Roche is an accomplished concept artist, fine artist and illustrator with years of experience as an instructor.


Total Cost: €480

Deposit: €100 (Please note, deposit is non-refundable)
Balance: €380 (payable on start date of course)

What you will need to bring for the course:

Watercolour paper 120 gsm , Watercolour brushes, Sketch pad a2
Non photo blue pencils [ can be purchased from Evans art supplies],
Gouache paint red , yellow , blue and brown , Putty rubber, Edding 1880, Drawliner 0.7 sharpener, Willow charcoal medium, Fixative.

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