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Colour Correction using Final Cut Pro X

The easiest way to correct for color errors is to have Final Cut Pro X do it for you. It typically requires one click. However, it is important to understand what color balancing is, how it is done, what steps are taken, and in what order.

This one day workshop suits existing users of Final Cut Pro X or those editing on other NLEs wishing to understand colour correction more deeply. You will learn to read the videoscopes to inform adjustments. Perform primary and secondary colour correction using the FCPX Color Board, Wheels and Curves effects and even create and apply LUTs.

Course Content

  • Monitoring Colour and standards:— SDR, HDR, Rec 709, Rec 2020
  • How to read the Video Scopes
  • Assessing Brightness using the Luma Waveform
  • The Color Correction: Color Boards
  • Correcting Contrast
  • Assessing Chroma using the Vectorscope and RGB Parade
  • Neutralising Color Tints
  • Matching Color – scene continuity
  • The Colour Correction Inspector
  • Working with Colour Wheel and Curve Corrections
  • Shape and Key based secondary colour correction
  • Animating shape-based corrections
  • Colour Correction using adjustment layers
  • Create a LUT for FCPX using Photoshop
  • Applying LUTs
  • Export XMLs for DaVinci Resolve

Course Start Dates

27th October 2018

Start Date – 27th October 2018
Class Times – 10am – 4pm

Tutor - Keith Bailey


Keith Bailey is Ireland’s only Final Cut Studio Master Trainer, as well as being an Adobe Certified Instructor in Premiere Pro and After Effects.



This course is suitable for anyone working with Final Cut Pro X and are looking to improve their Colour Correction skills. Previous experience on FCPX is essential.

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