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Scriptwriting and Screenwriting Course Online

This online screenwriting & scriptwriting bootcamp course provides students with a supportive environment that allows their natural story-telling talent to shine through. The course has an interactive and proactive narrative approach rather than focusing on theory. Participants’ own ideas and skills as a writer will be encouraged in a fun environment as part of the course.

In this intensive bootcamp, you will learn how to get your ideas down on paper and turn them into film scripts or proposals with practical exercises and personal feedback from our course tutors.

Course Content

You will learn how to prepare and develop an idea into a finished script, how to tap into funding and how to write your way into the film industry. This course takes an interactive and proactive approach rather than focusing on just screenwriting theory. It is aimed at inspiring, nurturing and stimulating you to create your own ideas and develop your skills as a screenwriter.

This scriptwriting course will enable you to:

  • Write great scripts and generate filmic ideas
  • Be creative with writing exercises
  • Have confidence in your abilities
  • Use correct script formats and layouts
  • Understand how the industry works
  • Receive, action and provide feedback
  • Understand how to apply for film funding
  • Promote your film script, and yourself
  • Network in the film industry and know where and how to make contacts

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Detailed Course Content

Aims of the course

This is a writing workshop. There will be almost no lecture style instruction rather the classes will be student centered. Its object is to attempt to de-mystify the craft of scriptwriting. All material will originate in the class and be based on experiences in the participants’ own lives. Those disinclined to air their personal problems in class are advised not to sign up. We will write in a variety of forms from stockpiling material in bullet points to notes, loglines, step outlines and scene breakdowns.

We will try to do in the bootcamp what professional scriptwriters do when they are developing a film idea for a production company or trying to obtain a commission from a broadcaster for a TV series. Students will write every night, and during classes, circulate their drafts for discussion. It is anticipated that these discussions will cover such areas as; coming up with ideas, the application of different dramatic models, understanding structure, working to a brief, research, discussions of genre, collaboration with others and how to be your own script editor.


The will be no formal required reading. A familiarity with the principles of psychoanalysis will be useful but the principal texts will be films themselves. It’s frequently the case that the best way to understand an abstract point is to cite a concrete example.


Participants will work on their own and given deadlines. These are both characteristic of the life of the professional scriptwriter and as such are to be embraced as interesting rather than burdensome aspects of the job.

By the end of this course, the participants will have received a very practical understanding of how to write for film and built up a body of work for their project typical of the requirements of the Irish Film Board to get a proposal developed.


Tom Hall

Tom Hall

Tom Hall has worked with many leading film industry figures in Ireland and has previously taught scriptwriting and filmmaking courses at Collaiste Dhulaigh, NUI Galway, The Factory, The Gaiety School of Acting, Filmbase and the Irish Writer’s Centre. Tom is also an award-winning writer of fiction, a critic, columnist and one time screen editor of The Dubliner magazine.

His best known work is ‘Bachelors Walk’ (2000-06), a comedy/drama series for Accomplice Television which was funded by RTE, the IFB and BBC Choice. It ran for three series and an Xmas special and won the IFTA award for best television show in 2002. Tom was one of three co-creators/writers/directors on all twenty episodes.

He directed the T.V. movie ‘Just in Time’ (1998) for Samson Films, which was also acclaimed as The Times’ TV Movie of the Year. In 2010 he wrote and directed Sensation, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was nominated for three IFTA Awards including best film. In 2011 Tom directed a six part comedy series entitled ‘Trivia’ for RTE. The show was nominated for five Monte Carlo International television festival awards and an IFTA for its lead actor.

Course Start Dates

Sat 16th January – Saturday 13th February

Duration: 5 days (5 successive Saturdays)

Times – 10am-4pm


Prospective students should display an enthusiasm for film, theatre and a desire to take ideas from initial concept to finished product. There are no minimum academic requirements for acceptance onto this course.

Upon receiving your application form our Admissions Team will be in contact to discuss our payment options in securing your course place.


Total Fee: €390*

*Full Payment Required to Confirm Place

**Please note: Fees are non-refundable


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