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BA (Hons) in Games Development (Full Time)


If you have a passion for digital games, creative media or digitally extended reality Pulse College can help you develop the skills required to enter this innovative sector.

Through hands-on experience, learners are introduced to critical aspects of the game industry from non-digital games to indie games to the latest video games and professional studio environments. Learners will engage with game theory, technical programming and the creative skills involved in digital media and art, giving the learner a spectrum of skills to apply to specialist sectors.

Roles and responsibilities within the game development team are discussed and practiced through in-class exercises, and genres are critically introduced, discussed and explored. Learners are also encouraged to explore, apply and discuss the core principles of game design, including the game space, game mechanics, the game player and the design decisions that create the game state.

Through play and design exercises, the learners examine the process needed to build today’s games. Exploring player agency, immersion, goals and challenges, whilst learning the rules of play and how to apply those principles to in-class game design projects.

Taught by practising industry professionals, Pulse College ensures that you receive the very highest levels of learning. A key part of the course involves the continual development of a portfolio of work that will help you enter the exciting and rapidly developing games and technology industry.

Course Content

This course covers a wide range of topics from game production techniques to concept art, character design, 3D animation, game audio and programming, and a key part of the course involves you producing a portfolio of work that will help you to get into the exciting and rapidly developing games industry.

Whether you want to be a games designer, storyboard artist, concept artist, 3D modeller or animator, kickstart your games development career with Pulse College.

Pulse College Full Times Games Development

Detailed Course Content

Game Design

  • Developing and prototyping game concepts for a variety of platforms and player types.
  • Analysis and deconstruction of popular games to gain an understanding of the fundamental elements of games.
  • User testing and feedback for games.

Game Development

  • Using game scripting to create gameplay scenarios.
  • Developing games using C# and the Unity 3D game engine.
  • Integrating 2D and 3D art in games.

Narrative Design

  • Understanding the importance of narrative in games.
  • Creating realistic characters and worlds through the use of interactive narrative.

2D Game Art

  • Working with preliminary designs and ideas, determining the overall look of the world in which a game takes place using sketches and colour schemes and creating atmosphere.
  • How and when to use reference images.

3D Modelling

  • Creating game assets in 3D Studio Max.
  • Texturing and animating 3D models for use in games.
  • High polygon 3D workflows for games.

Game Audio

  • Assessing game audio requirements.
  • Studio and location recording techniques.
  • Game audio development workflows.
  • Non-linear audio for games.

Game Production

  • Teamwork and management for the games industry.
  • Business fundamentals for game companies.
  • Regular talks from game industry professionals.

Game Animation

  • Creating usable and believable animations for use in game.
  • Bringing a game world to life with rich motion and visual effects.

Game Texturing

  • Bringing life to models with real-world images and textures.
  • Learning the basics of UV unwrapping, physically based rendering and material-lighting interaction.
  • Optimising UV tiles to minimise in-game resource usage and maximise efficiency.

Project and practical time is held Monday-Friday and equates to 20 hours per week.

These are indicative course modules and are subject to change.



Further Progression

The skills gained through this course will allow you to move into a variety of careers within the games industries, as well as to progress to further study. At the end of the programme, you will have built up an extensive portfolio demonstrating expert technical, artistic and professional abilities, giving you the cutting edge needed to gain employment in this exciting and varied industry.

Academic Progression

Career Progression

Career paths open to graduated include:

  • Game Designer
  • Narrative Designer
  • Level Designer
  • Game Developer/Programmer
  • Game Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Creative Director
  • PreVis Artist
  • Technical Artist
  • Lead Artist
  • Concept Artist
  • Animator
  • Environment Artist
  • 3D Modeller
  • Quality Assurance Tester
  • Sound Designer
  • Producer


This course is a direct application course and includes an interview. Applications are currently taken through the Application Form below. Upon receiving your application form our Admissions Team will contact you to schedule your course interview.

Please Note: This course is subject to validation 

See specific information on the course requirements below:




General Course Requirements

  • A proven interest in games and/or animation, and an interest in related creative media arts
  • Basic knowledge of computers (either Mac or PC) and game design software will be helpful, but not essential before starting the course
  • A willingness to explore new ideas is important alongside a positive attitude towards this creative field of study

Note: Applications from individuals with non-standard qualifications, relevant work or life experience will also be considered.

Interview Process

This course requires an interview as part of your applications. Please see the FAQ’s below for commonly asked questions regarding the interview process.


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Total Course Fee Per Year

€8,415 per year (3 years duration)
[3% PFL Charge of €203 included in Total Fee Per Year]

Flexible Payment Option Available 

3% PFL Charge is included in all of the total course fees above. This charge is incurred to finance arrangements required under Part 6 of the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act, 2012 to ensure protection of enrolled learners.


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