Music Production with Ableton Live Online


The team at Windmill Lane Recording Studios are the perfect team to help you master the skills to take your Ableton production and performance to the next level.

We will guide you through all of the great features and functions in Ableton and show you how to develop professional workflows. Everything is covered, from how to start a project all the way through to delivering a mix to a mastering engineer!

As a producer, you need to know how chords, rhythms, basslines and melodies are made. Let the Windmill Lane team show you all the tricks and tips to making professional sounding tracks and dynamic performances.

Some topics covered:

  • Create beats and slice rhythms using samples, Drum Racks and Samplers
  • Learn the basics of music composition: chords, melodies, and harmony to help your track evolve and develop
  • Get an in – depth understanding of the Live Capabilities of the Session View, Ableton’s unique jamming facility.

Learn how to

  • Edit Audio and MIDI like a pro.
  • Get impact, clarity and depth in your mixes.
  • Control and Perform Your Tracks in Ableton’s Session View


Course Content

Week 1:
  • Digital Audio Basics
  • Introduction to the Ableton Interface
  • Ableton Sample Files
Week 2:
  • The Arrangement View
  • Recording and Editing Audio and Midi
Week 3:
  • Creating Beats using Impulse + Simpler
  • Creating Beats using Drum Racks
Week 4:
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Chords and Scales
  • Ableton Theory Tips and Tricks
Week 5:
  • Using Virtual Instruments
  • Electric
  • Analog
  • Operator
Week 6:
  • Recording Acoustic Guitar and Vocals at Windmill Lane
Week 7:
  • Performing with Ableton
  • The Session View
  • Launching Clips
Week 8:
  • Basic Mixing Techniques
  • Compression
  • EQ
  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • Bouncing Your Work


  • Computer running Ableton Live 10 (90- day free trial available)
  • A broadband internet connection
  • Camera preferable but not mandatory

To apply for this exciting online course, please fill out the application form below.

Joanna will be in contact!

Course Start Dates

8 Week Course:
1 night a week (Tuesdays, 6:30pm – 9pm).

Level 1 start date is January 12th 2021

Level 2 start date is December 15th

*the pre Christmas classes will run 15th & 17th December (Tues & Thur) returning to Tuesdays from Jan 5th  2021 for remaining 6 classes.


Eoin Smith is the Course Director for the BA (Hons) Degree in Audio and Music Technology, here at Pulse College. He has a PhD from Maynooth University and is interested in all things Computer Music. Ableton Live is one of his primary tools for composition, production and performance and he’s looking forward to taking you through all aspects of the program.


Total Fee: €400

Payable on booking.

On completion, you will be awarded a Pulse College Certificate.

*Please note: Fees are non-refundable


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