Apple Pro Logic Pulse College

Music Production with Apple Logic Pro X

Learn how to produce music using Apple’s flagship app, Logic Pro X!

The team from Windmill Lane Recording Studios is comprised of certified Apple Logic instructors as well as recognised producers and sound engineers. This is the perfect team to help you master the skills to take your productions to the next level.

Course Content

  • Create beats and slice rhythms using Apple loops, Ultrabeat, Drum Machine Designer.
  • Create your own templates for different genres of music.
  • Learn the basics of music composition: chords, melodies, and harmony.
  • Get an in – depth understanding of the amazing synths, drum machines samplers on board Logic Pro X.
  • Learn how to record vocals and instruments with the Windmill Lane team in the iconic studio 1.
  • Learn how to edit audio and MIDI like a pro.
  • Learn how to do sound and music for movies.
  • Learn how to get impact, clarity and depth in your mixes.
  • Sit Apple Pro Logic official exam.


Tony Perrey

Tony Perrey

Tony is Head of Audio in Pulse College and Windmill Lane Studios. He won’t tell us how many years experience he has been working in the role of producer, mixer, Pro Tools Instructor, Apple Logic Instructor… but we know it’s a lot!

Greg Clooney

Greg Clooney

Greg is a producer , sound engineer and mixer with credits with many artists, including U2. He also happens to hold a master’s degree in Music Production. He’s also a Logic guru!

JJ Vernon

JJ Vernon

Head of part time courses in the audio faculty, JJ is a music technologist, educator, composer with tons of experience!

Ger McDonnell

Ger McDonnell

Ger’s list of credits is jaw dropping. U2, Manic Street Preachers, Dido… the list goes on. We believe that he is one of the best producer/engineer/mixers in the business. His clients do too!


This course is a direct application course. Applications are currently taken through the Application Form below. Upon receiving your application form our Admissions Team will be in contact. No industry experience is required and applicants may be accepted without formal academic qualifications.
There is no interview application for this course but we would be delighted to invite you in for a private tour of our campus, to meet our course lecturers and gain further insight into what our course has to offer.


Deposit: €100
Balance: €580 (payable on start date of course)

Total Cost: €680

Price includes Apple Logic Book & Exam


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