There has never been a more exciting time to start a career in the animation and visual effects industry. There is also wide variety and diverse range of job opportunities in the sector.

At Pulse College we are proud to provide the latest teaching methodologies to our students within our Animation & Visual FX Courses. These courses prepare graduates for working in the real world. They are a great starting point for anyone who wants to gain new employment in this exciting sector.

The Snapshot

  • Working in the Animation & Visual FX industry is an exciting and rewarding career
  • There is an extensive range of jobs that require people with these skillsets
  • There are global employment opportunities
  • It is a highly competitive industry sector
  • Pulse College provides cutting edge Animation & Visual FX tuition


Careers in Animation

Animators mainly work by creating 2D and 3D images for a wide variety of sectors including the:

  • Video game industry
  • Film industry
  • Advertisement industry
  • Music industry
  • Technical design industries
  • Mobile app development

Animators work with a range of different software packages.  Some of these include; Max, Vector Design, Adobe Creative Suite and Autodesk 3DS.

There are several award winning animation companies currently operating in Ireland such as Brown Bag Films and Jam Media. Further information and news on the animation sector can be viewed on Animation Irelands dedicated website.

One common misconception about people employed as animators is that they all work on cartoon animation. This is obviously an important area of employment for those with animation skills. However there are an extensive range of other job opportunities out there that do not fall within this traditional area.

If you want to view the type of global job opportunities currently available to animators this website is a good place to start. This should give you a good idea of the sheer depth of opportunity within the industry, and the variety of roles available.

Visual Effects Careers

Visual effect specialists currently work in a number of areas including:

  • Television
  • Film
  • Computer game industry
  • Post production companies
  • Special effects studios

Visual effect artists work mainly in the area of post-production. They would add visual effects to films, computer games and television shows after the basic filming, editing and animation work had been conducted.

The significant increase in the use of Computer-generated imagery (CGI) over the last decade has helped to establish the visual effects industry as one of the most dynamic and cutting edge areas in which to work. You can view a comprehensive list of post-production companies currently operating in Ireland here.

There are some further pointers about how you can effectively compete for employment in this sector on the following website. This site also contains some really useful information.

How to Get Hired

This is a very competitive industry in which to gain full time employment. However there are a number of things that you can do to increase your chances:

  • Create a show reel
  • Create an online blog to showcase your best work
  • Attend industry events to network with other professionals
  • Apply for any internship opportunities within relevant companies

Many professionals in this industry currently work on a freelance basis. They might work on a wide number of different projects at the same time, or be required to travel frequently.

At Pulse College we ensure that all our graduates leave with a professional show reel highlighting the best examples of their work. Having a show reel gives can give an immediate advantage. And it is a vitally important element within the recruitment process.

We have an extensive number of contacts within the Animation and Visual FX industry. We constantly strive to support all our students and graduates in every way possible to help them establish long lasting and rewarding careers.

If you would like any further information on the type of courses that Pulse College operates in the area of Animation & Visual Effects check out the program info online or contact us with any questions.



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