Film schools in Ireland are always on the look out for bright candidates with exceptional talent. These students, equip with industry relevant skills and training can go on to become amazing film makers.

Choosing the right training institite is the first step to building a successful career in a highly competitive industry. Not all schools are equal.

Guidelines to help you choose a film school in Ireland


It is essential to choose a film school internationally renowned for the excellence of its creative media education as well as its graduates. It should have a proven track record and produce graduates who excel in their fields.


You should inquire about the facilities and whether or not their equipment is up to date. A good Film school should use equipment that complies with the industry’s best standards. Filming and post-Production facilities should be state of the art.

Teaching methodology

Courses should be practical and take a hands on approach to learning. Courses should be career oreinted and enable graduates to be able to start working in the field immediately. Those teaching need to have worked in the industry and have extensive experience with film making. Most importantly, the best film schools prize creativity above all else.


The right course will give you the opportunity to specialize in a number of fields. You will be able to work in Ireland and internationally. It will enable you to pursue a career in one or more of the following positions

Film Editor
Boom Operator
Script Writer
Foley Editor
Effects and Graphics Editor
Camera OP
Location Sound Specialist

Good film schools will also give students a realistic idea of what to expect in the field. Ireland’s Pulse College has a reputation for excellence in creative media education as well as having excellent industry connections.




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