Who are film making courses at Pulse College best suited to? Budding young filmmakers or seasoned film aficionados? Whichever camp you find yourself in, why not take your passion for film to the next level by embarking on a filmmaking course at Ireland’s leading film and creative media college?

Pulse College have film making courses suited to all levels of interest and experience – from eight-week beginners classes right through to two-year full time diplomas. So whatever your level of experience or expertise, Pulse College, Dublin, can give you the guidance and tuition you need to turn your passion into a proper career in the film industry.

Beginner film making courses

The Pulse College short and intensive courses teach students with limited experience the basics of professional film production. The introductory course focuses on the fundamental elements of visual storytelling and understanding the basic concepts and challenges of filmmaking. By the end of the course students will have learned how to write, shoot, direct and edit their own short film.

Advanced film making courses

Full-and part-time diplomas are ideal for students looking to develop industry-level production, recording and editing techniques. Students of these one-to-two year filmmaking courses gain advanced skills in the use of production tools such as Final Cut Pro, Motion Graphics and Digidesign Protools. Diploma students gain a deep understanding of the real-world challenges and rewards of the film industry (along with a knowledge of what it takes to get started in the film industry). They will also have their own high quality show reel to demonstrate their newly learned skills upon completion of the course.

In addition to beginner and advanced film courses, Pulse College, Dublin, also offer short intensive classes designed especially for students to master certain industry tools and techniques. For example, you can take a short course in colour mastering, film titles, film effects or manipulating sound track tools, or you can take courses in mastering editing tools like Final Cut Pro Studio and Avid Media Composer, or you can learn how to write and develop film scripts and screenplays.

For more information about Pulse College’s range of film making courses for all levels call +353 (0)1 478 4045 today.




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