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If you’re thinking of studying something creative like an animation course, there’s no better place to go than Dublin. The breeding ground of countless writers, artists, musicians and poets, it’s a creative well that never runs dry. Still enjoying the warm after-glow of Paddy’s Day, we are in the mood to extol the virtues of our fair city. Here we’ve listed just a few reasons why Dublin is a great place to feed the creative fires.

dublin city centre

A rich and storeyed history

Part of Dublin’s undeniable appeal lies in the sheer cultural diversity of the place. Since its foundation as a Viking trading post more than a thousand years ago, it’s always been a nexus of global and local influences. You can still see the marks of this history dotted around the city, including the historic Christ Church and (the rather morbid) Kilmainham Gaol. Also be sure to check out the great “Dublin City Walls” app, which gives you a fantastic overview of the city’s medieval roots.

That said Dublin’s not a city that’s stuck in the past, and some of Dublin’s most striking architectural features are recent developments. The Bord Gais Theatre is a stand-out example of contemporary design, as is the entire Docklands Project.

Dublin Food

Great food from all over the world

It has to be acknowledged: we Irish aren’t really known for our culinary skills. Cabbage and potatoes is about the extent of our exploration in the kitchen, and it’s certainly not coddle that’s driven so many travellers to our shores. It’s a good thing then that we’ve embraced foreign foods in a big way in recent years, with exotic restaurants popping up throughout the city.

Mexican food is very de rigueur at the moment, with burrito bars such as Boojum and Tolteca proving major draws for tourists and locals alike. Also worth a look are the numerous all-you-can-eat restaurants on Moore Street, which provide everything from Mauritanian to Indian food at prices as low as a fiver a sitting – perfect for hungry students!

Dublin music

A place of music

U2, Thin Lizzy, Bell X1– ring any bells? Dublin has always punched above its weight in terms of producing great bands, and the reason for this is the thriving local music scene. Of course, our very own Windmill Lane Recording Studios at Pulse College HQ, has been a landmark recording venue for over 30 years and continues to produce some of the best new music coming out of Ireland. In terms of live shows, probably the most prominent venues for up-and-coming indie bands are Whelans on Georges Street and the Button Factory in Temple Bar. If blues is more your thing The Gypsy Rose down by the Quays should be your first port of call. And there’s also a wealth of venues keeping traditional Irish music alive; find an up-to-date list of them here.

Visual arts

There’s plenty of visual arts inspiration for an aspiring animator in Dublin. The Project Arts Centre and Signal Arts Centre – which showcase many of the most exciting artists working in Ireland today – are definitely worth a visit. There are also countless art and performance festivals held throughout the year, with perhaps the Jameson Film Festival and the Dublin Animation Film Festival being the most essential events in any budding animator’s calendar.

The Amazing World of Gumball

Opportunities abound for talented animators

Given all of the above, there’s a good chance you’d want to stick around Dublin after graduating from an animation course. It’s lucky then that there are plenty of great opportunities for talented animators right here. Boulder Media, makers of The Amazing World of Gumball, is one of the most renowned studios in the world, and it’s located right in the middle of the city. Also nearby are Brown Bag as well as Giant Creative and countless other animation studios too.

Come to Pulse College for an animation course

There’s no doubting that Dublin is a great city that would benefit anyone with a creative bent. If you’re thinking of studying here, why not check out some of the animation courses offered by Pulse College, including our Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Introductory courses. Taught by some of the leading experts drawn from the Irish animation industry, they aim to impart skills that are in demand right now, including Toon Boom, Maya, Flash and many other industry standard programs. Why not get in touch with us today to find out more?



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