Game development and concept art courses

Whether you aspire to work as a professional games designer, games tester, sound designer, gaming programmer, 2D/3D concept artist, technical artist or animator, studying games development at Pulse College will help you to bridge into, and succeed in, the games development industry.

Full and part-time courses

Diploma in Game Development and Production
Diploma in Games Development (Part-Time)
Diploma in Game Development and Production
Learn to harness your creativity and push the boundaries of games making in Pulse Colleges Game Development and Production course. This course gives a well-rounded education in the arts with an emphasis on understanding and applying techniques including 3D modelling, animation, and lightning in video game production.

Students graduate with a solid grasp of the fundamental game art principles, including knowledge of game engine technology and pre-production and production environments taught. Developed for creative and technically minded people with a desire to become a key part of the games industry. If you have a passion for digital games, Pulse College can help you develop the skills required to enter this innovative sector through practical experience and building your own unique portfolio.

Diploma in Games Development (Part-Time)
If you have a passion for games, creative flair and technical aptitude, Pulse College can equip you with the professional skills required to enter this innovative, rapidly-growing industry.

Taught by practicing industry professionals, Pulse College ensure’s that you receive the very highest levels of training. A key part of the course involves producing a portfolio of work that will help you to get into the exciting and rapidly developing games industry.

Studying at Pulse College will introduce you to valuable professional workflows and teach you everything from the basics of games development through to visualisation, creative thinking, digital modelling and full 3D games programming.

Aimed at musicians, DJ’s, computer music hobbyists, and general lovers of music, this programme will train you with the skills required to succeed as a modern day Audio Professional.

Short courses

Games Introduction: First Person Shooter Game
Games Introduction: First Person Shooter Game
In this short game development course you will be guided by industry professionals as you learn to create a modern first-person shooter in a Triple-A game engine. You will be instructed on how to combine high quality assets such as animated 3D models, Textures and Sounds with dynamic Code and Scripts as you produce modular environment pieces or dynamic A.I controlled Bots.

Each creation will be a piece of transferable, self-contained learning that you can use in your own projects and games. At the end of the 2 weeks, you will come away with a working FPS game, the skills to modify it, extend it and even build your own.

If you have already built your own assets or even tried to build your own game, you can bring that along and we will try and incorporate what you have already produced into the work for the week.

Student Work

To find out more about the opportunities available to our graduates, why not come along to our next open day or contact us with any questions.