The video game production and design industry is booming. Even as other industries struggle video games are continuing to see enormous growth. Ireland is particularly well positioned to benefit from this growth. Already we have several world class game design companies and middle ware providers and our economy is a very fertile place for game design companies to grow. A young educated and enthusiastic workforce combined with a sparkling new infrastructure not to mention being the European headquarters for some of the worlds largest internet companies.

Mobile gaming in particular is seeing exceptional expansion. As more and more people carry around portable devices that have the same functionality and flexibility as a laptop they have more time to play games. Obviously you cant bring a bulky games console, hi def tv and powersource with you on the bus to work but when your mobile phone has engaging high quality games on it you don’t need to. People can play games while they travel to work, relaxing on their lunch break or whole they wait for friends.

Pulse College now provide mobile application and game design course. This course will provide students with everything they need to get started in designing games and apps for mobile devices like iPhone and Android devices. Using the Corona software development kit students will design games and apps for the two main mobile device operating platforms.

One of the great things about the app and casual game markets is that simplicity sells. You don’t have to come up with the most elaborate game or find an application for some obscure niche to find success. Often it’s the simplest ideas that catch on. During the two week course students will be taught in the following areas:

  • 2D art asset creation
  • Concept design
  • Game asset pipeline
  • Sound for games
  • Working with the Corona SDK
  • Lua scripting language
  • Game level design
  • In app purchasing

Lecturers on the course are all industry professionals with a wealth of experience with which to share with students as they learn mobile app and game design.

This course is designed to take you through the entire smartphone / smart pad game and application development process. All course lecturers are industry professionals and bring a wealth of knowledge that is second to none in games education.

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