Interview: Eros Dadoli – Head of 3D Environmental Design course

Eros Dadoli is the Lead Lighting Artist with Black Shamrock, Unreal Engine Instructor and VFX Artist with over 8 years industry experience.
We caught up with Eros head of our 3D Environmental Design course starting on the 11th of February.
Find out about his journey so far within the industry and what you can expect as a student on 3D Environmental Design.

Can you tell us about yourself Eros?

I work as a Lead Lighting Artist for Black Shamrock based in Dublin. I started working when I was 19 years old in a Studio in Milan called ‘Milestone’. I always wanted to work in Animation and 3D work. Initially I worked in 3D animation and then moved to the lighting side. In Milestone I developed all my skillsets working with lighting and visual effects in Unreal Engine. I also had the opportunity to work in VR production and push even further the real time rendering possibilities of Unreal Engine.

What interests you in 3D Games?

When I was a kid I was always playing video games. I was always wondering while playing how the game was created. I felt I needed to express myself in a creative way. Finding out that creating games as a profession was like a dream come through, now I am living my dream.

What has made you want to teach 3D Environmental Design?

Teaching is always something that I have liked to do. Having this possibility to teach in Ireland and bring my experience to a new group of people and watch them develop is so rewarding. I am always left speechless when I see people creating and developing art by following my courses.

What will students learn on the course?

Fundamentally how to use the tool to its maximum capabilities. By knowing about the underlying structures in 3D softwares for texturing or modelling then we will have the freedom to create. That is the most important part – having the freedom to create. We will analyse all of the tools we can use in order to express ourselves to the creation of that specific environment. For me, the fun part is lighting, compositing and creating images, videos and eventually publishing our works.

How will this course help with employment within the Industry?

Doing this type of course is great as it gives me the chance to focus on each individual. I will then provide them with as much direction as I can. Modularity thinking is the key. Firstly you must have a reliable understanding of the tools, that is what makes the difference.

What advice would you have for students who are preparing for the course?

Before starting I would ask that the students have some kind of idea of which type of environments they want to create. It would also help if you had a basic understanding of 3D modelling tools like Maya or Blender. But we will start from the ground up with Unreal Engine.

Please check out the work of Eros Dadoli here.

If you have any questions on 3D Environmental please contact gavin [dot] farrell [at] pulsecollege [dot] com