Pulse College MA Film Scoring bulgaria 110 piece orchestra compositions

Masters in Film Scoring Students: Compositions from Bulgaria

As part of the MA in Scoring for Film and Visual Media program here at Pulse College, our students were tasked with composing an original film cue, to then be performed by a 110 Piece Orchestra at BNR National Recording Studios (Sofia, Bulgaria). Scroll down below to listen to it now.

MA Program Director Derek Gleeson stated, “It was a joy to witness the transformation of our “MA in Scoring for Film & Visual Media” students, from hesitant fledgling composers (who started by writing little piano pieces to vignettes story-lines in September 2014) to confident, skilled commanders of the orchestral resources of a 110 member Symphony Orchestra by May 2015.”

Order of Playlist below:
1/ Stefan French
2/ Bojan Hoover
3/ David Geraghty
4/ Ronan Scolard
5/ Hannah Greene

Recording / MIX Engineer: Debbie Smith.
Music Producer/Scoring Supervisor: Christo Pavlov & Conrad Pope.
Conductor: Derek Gleeson (Student, Bojan Hoover, conducted his own composition.)

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