Traditionally Final Cut Pro was used primarily by amateur enhusiasts and independandt directors. Mainly due to its usability, broad functionality, flexibility and low cost, final Cut pro is steadily becoming a standard video editor in the editing industry around the world. Providing high performance non-linear digital editing, unparalleled plug-in compatibility and supporting almost every video format, Final Cut Pro achieves the power of a professional editing suite with the ease of use of a desk top operating system.

Anyone who is looking to become a video editor or work in the video editing industry should certainly know how to use Final Cut Pro. With professional training in Final Cut Pro you can develop skills that provide you more creative control and technical options whether working within a team or as part of a group. Pulse College provides training courses in Final Cut Pro that focus on experience in the industry and training for real world scenarios.

The “Comprehensive Study of final Cut Pro X” course is ideal for beginners just starting off on a career in editing. The course covers basic functions, familiarising students with the program’s user interface. Working their way up from basic editing techniques students will discover Final Cut Pro’s powerful advanced features. Using examples of actual media from the industry students will learn day to day practical Final Cut Pro editing skills used by industry professionals.

For editors who already have experience of Final Cut Pro and really want to really get to grips with the program Pulse College provides the “Advanced Editing Techniques” training. This course teaches students a range of advanced skills including fixing screen direction errors, working with nested sequences, creating dynamic effects filters, editing multi camera projects and more. This course also covers the use of advanced workflows for managing media and working with film in Final Cut Pro.

For Editors looking to broaden their skill base in Final Cut Pro Pulse College also have the following classes, Colour 101, Motion 101 and Sound Track Pro 101. These classes give students training in Final Cut Pro’s more advanced features. Colour correction and balancing, scene matching, creating advanced colour effects, motion graphics fundamentals, animation, compositing, 3D, editing audio files, synchronize audio and video, performing multitrack arranging and other skills are all covered in these three courses.




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