Originally established in 1990, Pulse College has built a reputation as a leader in creative media education by offering a wide range of Media Production Courses. Pulse College has been able to achieve this by attracting some of the world’s most talented students who are then instructed by some of Ireland’s top creative talent.

The result is a constant track record of producing high quality graduates who possess the both the necessary skills and the creative thinking ability to shape a number of different digital mediums.

At Pulse College, we continuously update and revise the curriculum of all of our courses to ensure that our students are constantly kept up to date with the latest trends, techniques, packages and technology in a variety of quickly changing industries.

After choosing to specialise in a particular area of study by registering for one of our various courses, our students are equipped with the skills and knowledge that they need to kickstart a number of creative and challenging careers. These careers are in a number of diverse fields.

Here are some of Pulse College’s most popular Media Production courses:

Courses specialising in Audio Production

The various part time and full time audio production courses offered by Pulse College are some of the most popular sound engineering courses offered in London. With access to the latest equipment and the state of the art facilities at the Windmill Lane Recording Studio, there is no better place than Pulse College to study for a career in audio or music.

Courses specialising in Game Development

Pulse College’s game development courses are specifically designed to produce multidisciplinary game designers who possess a combination of creative flair and a strong technical aptitude to produce tomorrow’s next big gaming masterpieces.

Courses specialising in Film Production

Pulse College offers a variety of courses designed to teach students a number of practical film making techniques by getting them to produce a creative show reel that allows them to showcase their technical talents and secure a place in a highly competitive film industry.

For more information about our various Media Production courses, visit www.pulsecollege.eu or call +353 (0)1 478 4045.




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