Multimedia is the combination of a myriad of content forms, such as text, audio, video, animation and other interactive media. By its very definition it is multidisciplinary, thereby making it almost impossible to succeed in number of creative industries without a strong grounding in Multimedia courses.

Over the past twenty years, Pulse College has established a reputation as a leader in multimedia courses in Ireland. Pulse offers a number of part time and full time courses spanning a wide range of media, including music, film and video games.

Pulse’s Courses have been specifically designed to produce graduates who possess the necessary technical skills and a high level of creative thinking to succeed in a number of highly competitive creative industries.

Max Out on Multimedia

The curriculum of our courses is consistently kept up to date to ensure our students or always at the cutting edge of media production with the latest trends, techniques, technology and packages.

Pulse’s various Multimedia Courses will give you everything you need to kick start a number of exiting and challenging creative careers in a number of diverse industries. Some of the various areas you can specialise in after studying at Pulse include:


Pulse offers a variety of part time and full time courses that specialise in audio production. Our students have access to the latest equipment and state of the art facilities, including the Windmill Lane Recording Studio. There is no better place for those that are passionate about music and sound to study for a career in audio.

Game Development

Press start and get a fully accredited qualification in Game Development from Pulse. Our courses are specifically designed to produce multidisciplinary game designers who possess a combination of creative flair and a strong technical aptitude to produce tomorrow’s next big blockbuster games.

Film Production

Pulse College offers a variety of courses designed to teach students a number of practical film making techniques. By the end of the course, students will produce their own creative show reel, allowing them to showcase their technical talents and secure a place in a highly competitive film industry.

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