Advice for Pulse College community on COVID-19 Coronavirus

In line with the Government’s, “Return to Work Safely Protocol”, the College requires that all students complete this form before their return to the campus. This form should be submitted as soon as possible however, no later than 3 days before your return to College.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus: Pulse College campus will reopen for classes on September 21st

LATEST: Advice for Pulse College community on COVID-19 Coronavirus

As the country battles the COVID-19 pandemic together, Pulse College must unfortunately close public access to both it’s Ringsend Road and Halston Street facilities in the interest of public health.

Access to the facilities will only be granted to critical personnel carrying out essential business.

We are implementing this measure in line with Government directives and to keep staff and students safe during this time of crisis.

Stay safe and stay home everyone,

The Board and Management of Pulse College

Our Board and Academic Teams at Pulse College continues to meet regularly to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and prepare our institution and our community.

For the latest on public access to Pulse College during the COVID-19 outbreak as well as information on exam and assessments together with an extensive list of FAQs and practical information, click find out more:


What happens if a Pulse Student or staff member is in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID 19?

The HSE is carrying out contact tracing of all individuals who may have come into casual or close contact with a diagnosed patient. You will only be contacted directly by the HSE if you fall into this category. You will be advised by the HSE on what actions to take. Please notify your course director or your line manager if you have been contacted by HSE and have been medically certified to self-isolate. We will continue to update you about your assessments and exams via our normal student communication channel, Google Classroom.

What is Pulse College doing to prevent the spread of the virus?

All facilities will remain closed until April 19, at least. Further updates on closures will be posted online and communicated to all students and staff as they arise.

How do I protect myself?

Every member of the Pulse community must take personal responsibility for their own health and that of our entire community. We are relying on our community to closely follow the HSE hand hygiene advice and other prevention measures.

Closure Advice

Information for you as a Student:

A full closure of Pulse College has been made in line with the announcement by An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on Friday 27th March regarding measures to stem the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. A switch to an online mode of learning and assessment has been implemented and is continuously revised.

The College is closed until April 19th at least, and any further extensions or changes to that will be communicated via email and this Webpage. 

What is the latest information for students on Assessments and Exams?

An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar has announced that the new closure date for all schools, Colleges and higher education institutes is now 19th April, however we continue to believe that students will not be physically back on either campus before the end of this academic year.

Pulse College’s Academic Planning Group, lecturers and tutors have been working tirelessly to ensure our students can complete this academic year in a timely manner via remote delivery and remote assessments in a fair and equitable way.

We will maintain academic integrity and provide assessments for you, our students, to enable timely completion of your final awards. We will offer the flexibility that is required during this COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that all of you will either progress to your next academic year or graduate as appropriate. 

Please be assured that no student will be penalised for a COVID-19 related issue and that, at the same time, academic standards and quality will be maintained by the measures outlined.

How will these measures affect my studies?

We have switched to an online mode of learning and assessment If you have specific concerns about aspects of your programme of study, contact your Head of Programme. Pulse College is an agile an innovative institution.  As such, we constantly working on measures to ensure you complete your academic year.  

What if I don’t have broadband at home?:

Contact your Head of Programme to discuss alternatives.

How will it affect my exams?:

Consideration is being given to the assessment of student learning and in particular the approaching end of semester exams. We will be adhering to the schedules as far as is possible.

How will it affect my exams?:

We are also planning alternative delivery modes and assessment for students in all years to minimise any potential disruption.

Are there any changes made to International Student Visa applications or renewal procedures?:

The Department of Justice and Equality website holds full information on any changes to the processing of visas and visa renewals. The following are some important notices issued:

March 20 – The Department of Justice and Equality announced that student visa’s due to expire between March 20 and May 20, 2020 will automatically be renewed for a period of two months. Full details are on the department’s Frequently Asked Questions document.

March 21 – The Department of Justice and quality announced that new visa processing would temporarily cease as of March 20, 2020.  

I am a prospective student and I would like to apply to Pulse College:

Pulse College will continue to deliver its programmes and courses through online methods of teaching and learning for as long as necessary while overcoming the threat of the virus. We will continue to update information as developments unfold.


As a prospective student, we would encourage you, should you have any queries regarding applying to our Admissions Manager, Sarah

For new applications, we will aim to be as accommodating as possible and we hope that these considerations will help to alleviate any concerns you may have in applying to Pulse College.

Student Wellbeing

We are all out of our normal routine at the moment, our daily schedules have changed dramatically so it’s to be expected that we experience fatigue and a lack of interest to motivate ourselves. We’ve compiled a number of suggestions for you to try out, hopefully you will find them to be useful tools during this period of confinement.

Do not underestimate routine!

Having a healthy routine can have a positive impact on your thoughts, feelings and focus. Go back to basics: eating healthy meals, taking some exercise and establishing a good sleep routine. Break up your day into segments of different activities – this will help to mirror your ‘normality’.

During this time of change, it’s natural for our minds to think of all the usual activities we may not be able to do at the moment. Make a conscious effort to focus on the activities we are still able to do, or those that we may have more time to do now that we’re at home more than usual. You could:

  • Keep learning and maintaining your study by logging into your online lessons
  • Read a book
  • Get some physical exercise (even if it’s only in your back garden!)
  • Listen to a podcast or your favourite album
  • Try some meditation
  • Reach out and reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Try out a new hobby or skill (e.g. play an instrument, learn a language, learn to draw)


Meditation helps to switch off the emotional part of the brain that keeps us hooked on checking the news and social media, which can increase stress.  When we help our brains stay grounded, we regulate our emotions and engage the rational part. This makes us more resilient and helps us to cope with stressful situations.

If you need some help with mediation, here are some recommended Apps:


Mindfulness Bell

Meditation Timer & Log

Smiling Mind



Similar to mediation, physical activity can help you relax. If you’re feeling stressed or finding it hard to focus, 30 minutes of jogging, walking or cycling (within 2k of your home!) will really make a difference. If you cannot leave your home why not try out a quick Joe Wicks HIIT workout on Youtube – it really will energise you.

Minding your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

It is understandable to feel vulnerable, isolated or overwhelmed during this unusual time. The HSE have many practical tips on how to mind your mental health with online, phone and face-to face supports.

Click here for information and health service supports:

Reach out!

As always, please reach out to your Course Director if you are struggling in any way, we are here for you and are most likely experiencing the same emotions and feelings as you during these unprecedented times.


Contact Emails

Contact emails:

Admissions Manager: Emma O’Brien
Admissions Co-ordinator: Joanna Butler
Faculty Administrator, Music: Philip Brady
Programme Director, Music Production: Ken Haughton
Programme Director, Music Technology: Eoin Smith
Programme Director, PT Audio: JJ Vernon
Faculty Manager, Games & Animation: Eoin McAuley
Senior Lecturer: James Roddy Kilkenny
Academic Head,Games & Animation: Ronan Mulhaire
Studio Bookings: Assistant Engineer, Cian Synnott
Studio Manager: Niall McMonagle
Operations Manager: Martina Halligan

Further Information:

For more information, visit the HSE’s website.