“So when I write characters and situations and relationships, I try to sort of utilize what I know about the world, limited as it is, and what I hear from my friends and see with my relatives.”

Charlie Kaufman, American Scriptwriter

If you want to learn the art of Scriptwriting, there is no better place to study than Pulse College. The College has established a reputation for being a leader in creative media education and is proud to announce that it is offering a brand new course specialising in Scriptwriting.

Through this fully accredited courses, you’ll learn everything you need to know everything from coming up with a concept to developing your story for the screen. Pulse College will provide you with the ideal environment to develop your natural writing talent.

By registering for Pulse’s brand new Scriptwriting Course, you will be immersed in a five-day script and screen-writing lab. During this intensive period, you will learn to master screenwriting theory by taking an interactive and proactive approach.

Get the Write Start at Pulse:

Most people think that Scriptwriting is a craft that cannot be easily mastered but this is not true. Pulse College’s course uses a combination of exercises, case studies and interactive tasks to inspire and develop your inner scriptwriter.

Through this Course, you’ll:

learn to write scripts and generate filmic ideas
be creative with writing exercises
understand the structure of short films
learn correct script formats and layouts
make a short film
learn how to apply for film funding
learn to promote yourself and your projects
learn how to network in the film community
learn how to apply for Film Festivals

Through this course you’ll learn everything you need to transform your ideas into filmable scripts. You’ll learn how to draw upon your own experiences and create stories with universal relevance.




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