Student Interview: Daniel de Búrca – Music Production

1. What’s your name and what course are you studying?

My name is Daniel de Búrca and I am studying Music Production at Pulse College.

2. Why did you choose to study at Pulse College?

The facilities provided by Pulse College are unparalleled. The weight that Windmill Lane Recording Studios holds within the Irish music industry was a huge attraction to me. I knew that I wanted to do something creative, and after careful consideration, it quickly became apparent that Pulse College was the way to go.

3. What are you enjoying most about your time at Pulse College?

As a student you have access to the world-class facilities of Windmill Lane Recording Studios. I assisted industry legends such as John Kurlander and commanded entire sessions alone. Pulse College gives its students the opportunity to stand on their own two feet and gain practical experience that can’t be learned from a book or a video

4. What kind of things do you learn that prepare you for the industry?

Time management with the ability to balance projects and meet deadlines.

5. What are the most challenging aspects of the course?

Understanding the intricacies of the studio and how it operates.

6. What would you say are the top requirements for someone looking to enter the industry?

Passion. All else comes with passion, time management, work ethic, determination – passion exudes all of these traits. You cannot pursue art without passion.

7. What’s next for you?

After college I hope to get the internship offered by Windmill Lane Recording Studios. My goal is to further cement myself within the up-and-coming Irish music scene and to work with as many artists on as many projects as possible.

For more information about Pulse College please contact Emma O’Brien in admissions.

t. +353 1 4784045
20 Ringsend Road, Dublin 4, Ireland.