New ways of sharing, selling and distributing music through the internet mean the music industry is changing dynamically in a way it never has before. That means the scope for new careers and niches in music production are getting wider by the minute. Pulse College offers a host of music production courses in Ireland to help you get your place in the music industry at this exciting time.

Pulse College offer an amazing 3 year full time BA Hons degree in music production. The degree covers every aspect of music production and recording you will need to put you on the path to a role in the music industry. In teaching the course, Pulse College puts creativity firmly at the forefront.

  • Features include:
  • Recording Techniques
  • Sampling, Sequencing
  • Creative Production Skills Sound Processing
  • Music in Context
  • Research Skills

Students on the course will get real hands on experience recording bands and creating music for film. They will also have opportunities to explore video production and do live recordings on location. On the theoretical side of things the course covers music and media law along with music business practices all of which lead to students developing a well rounded understanding of music production and the music industry.

Cutting edge technology is available to the students through Windmill lane’s prestigious recording studios. The veteran music production facility has been at the heart of Irelands recording industry for over two decades. In that time the production studio has hosted numerous and diverse internationally recognised artists including David Bowie, REM, The Script, U2, Tom Jones, Shania Twain and The Rolling Stones.

Pulse College’s BA Hons degree in music production gives students a qualification recognised not only in Ireland but around the world. Completion of the degree will also give you a professional industry certification from Digidesign ProTools. Along with these qualifications you will leave college with a professional showreel that will display your artistic talents and technical flair in music production.

To find out more about courses available in Ireland contact Pulse college at +353 (0)1 478 4045 or visit our website, to take your first step on the path to a career in the music industry.



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