Student Testimonials – Music Theory Bootcamp

Student: Rob McGuire
Course: Music Theory Bootcamp / July 2015

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“Telling any musician that they don’t know everything is a very troubling thought, especially one that has been aimlessly drifting his way through the art form for over 15 years, avoiding any overly theoretical conversations. Music is something that most people have an ear and feel for; with a piano stumbling around blindly until a nice sequence of notes are pressed, or singing in the shower while the reflective bathroom walls make all noises sound grandiose. But if asked ‘why such all these variables coming together work’ I’d be left scratching my head. And god help me if I have to put anything to manuscript. But that’s where the Music Theory Bootcamp comes in.

The Music Theory Bootcamp at Pulse College is an intimately set class of like-minded musicians and fans from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience all learning and collaborating together, starting right at the beginning of basic theory and progressing steadily through the course. It ran twice a week for 3 weeks and the time invested pays off ten-fold. In this time we learned the basic structure of chords, time signatures, scales, intervals and more. You just can’t learn and deeply understand the lessons taught here on the likes of YouTube. I feel you need a safe and interactive environment that only a classroom provides.

The lecturer makes each class fun and easy, encouraging the class to create our own simple melodies and clap out rhythms together, working both in groups and as individuals. The teamwork element is what makes these classes even more special and fun as it rids of that underlying fear of “getting something wrong” that every student inherently has, leaving everyone moving at the same pace and feeling involved and accomplished.

Following the Music Theory Bootcamp I decided to continue down the rabbit hole of music studies at Pulse College and it was the very lessons covered in this bootcamp that got me accepted onto the BaHon Degree in Music Production, a course where music theory is essential.

I cannot recommend the Music Theory Bootcamp enough. It is a phenomenal and comprehensive introduction to the practices and possibilities of music and leaves you wanting to learn even more!”

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This short-term intensive course provides the student with the fundamental skills of music theory. This course is designed to help you prepare for your interview/aural test for the BA (Hons) in Music Production, of which an admission requirement is to have Grade 5 or equivalent in music theory.

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