Pulse College


With the upcoming CAO deadline, many students are asking themselves the ever-important question –  what do I want to do with my life? Whether you are 18 or approaching retirement – it’s an extremely valuable question to ask yourself.

When it comes to career choices, lots of cool ideas might flood into your mind. You might be considering the idea of risk…. Should you take a risk with your career or should you go with the ‘traditional safe option’. And there will be people in your life who will influence your decision; maybe they are financing your studies? If so, you’ll need to be confident that you are doing what is best for your own vision of your working life – and that you are not choosing a course to fulfil someone else’s expectations of you. It can be tricky! But try and find something that inspires and excites you – what would you love to be; how do you see yourself?

Here’s some stuff you might want to think through…


Is Pulse College traditional?

At Pulse College – we have 4 core areas that we specialize in – Music & Audio, Film, Games and Animation.

Traditionally speaking, none of these courses are the ‘typical’ run of the mill courses your parents might have had the chance to take. It’s certainly not medicine or law.  Some people might think our industries are riskier than conventional ones. Or that it’s a nice idea in theory but lacks practicality. But that is far from the reality. Year after year, our graduates have gone on to work in their respective fields with very rewarding careers; both from a personal and a professional perspective.

Tradition is relative. With time – traditions are created with new industries and new ways of doing things. Just because online gaming didn’t exist until recent years, it does not mean that it’s not a force to be reckoned with today.


The real question that you must ask yourself.

You can (and should) analyse the job market. You can assess why your parents or someone who influences you might think it’s better to become a solicitor than to be a sound engineer. But the real question you could ask yourself now (and always) is  – what will it take for me to be happy? You will most likely be working in your career for over 40 years. (In fact, with modern medicine and increasing lifespans – the age of retirement could be pushed further down the line!)  Either way, you will probably be working for a long time.

Assuming you work for 8 hours a day and sleep for 8 hours – On average, half of your waking hours will be spent at work! So it’s worth making a career choice that you honestly think will make you happy. Or the very least something that you can enjoy and make a living out of.

New World, New Opportunities

It’s no longer 1960. The world is a very different place with a plethora of opportunities. What was considered the safe job once upon a time is no longer as safe. The world needs creativity. It needs people who can think outside the box. The industries we support in Pulse are growing. The advent of technology and the internet has guaranteed this. And of course the government has strategies in place to encourage these industries to operate – and create employment – in Ireland

Regardless if you choose Pulse or any other college – bear in mind that you do have only one life and you owe it to yourself to choose something that will ultimately give you fulfilment.

If you feel inspired about studying our courses and you’re excited about the potential to work in these dynamic fields into the future – then please get in contact with us.