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Pulse College was delighted to welcome Conrad Pope for 2 weeks as visiting tutor on the MA in Scoring for Film & Visual Media program, where he specialised in orchestration for film scores. Conrad Pope is one of the most exciting, original voices in contemporary film scoring (check out his incredible imdb profile here!). He has contributed to more than a hundred movies, and worked on films of every genre and budget, including ‘Star Wars Episodes 1-3’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘The Tree of Life’, ‘Argo’, ‘Life of Pi’, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’, and ‘The Hobbit’ series, while his composing credits include ‘My Week with Marilyn’ and ‘Tim’s Vermeer’. We sat him down to chat about his own history in the Film Scoring business, his approach to undertaking projects, developments he sees in the industry, Dublin as a destination to study film scoring, and his thoughts on the MA in Film Scoring program being run at Pulse College.




Click here if you would like more info on our MA in Scoring for Film & Visual Media program.



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