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Open Days Answer the Questions!

Third level education is a great opportunity to develop both professionally and personally, and you want to find a place that will fit you and your goals. Internet research can only tell you so much; first-hand experience is essential to make an informed decision and it beats throwing any old option on your CAO form. Music technology courses and other qualifications can vary hugely in terms of the content, environment, workload and practical experience they offer. Facilities vary considerably too. In this article we run through some of the reasons why you should attend open days, and we offer tips on how to make the most of them.

College Open Days Advice

Find out more about the courses you’re interested in

Before going to the open day you’ll probably have done a bit of preliminary research on curriculums and so on. But just as important as the course content is the teaching, and an open day is your best opportunity to meet with the staff and get an idea of their approach to teaching. Remember: this is your opportunity to interview them, so don’t be afraid to barrage them with questions. And as music technology courses and other media studies have a vocational slant, ask about their industry experience and how that informs their teaching methods. This can also give you a good idea of the career prospects the course could potentially open up for you. Also, try to find out a bit about the learning resources and facilities available to students. If they don’t have the hardware or software tools you need to realise your goals, then it’s a good idea to look elsewhere.

Getting a feel for the place

While you can find out a good deal out about a given college from its website and student testimonials, in reality you won’t be able to get a feel for the place until you experience it first-hand. Third level education is as much about personal growth as professional development and an open day allows you to discover the college culture, meet current students and learn about any extra-curricular activities on offer to you. Things to look out for include:

  • Practical Experience. Yes, whether you’re doing a B.A. in Music Production or a 6 week intro. to audio and music technology, with music technology courses you will want hands-on experience of the equipment in the college, so check out what’s on offer. Needless to say, decent equipment is a must but the amount of time each student is given access to these facilities is going to be important.
  • Student socials. You want to have fun as well as secure an industry-recognised qualification so check out the social scene and talking with students and staff at the open day is a great way to find out what recreational activities are on offer at the college.
  • Guided tours. Probably the best way to explore in a bit more depth is to go on a guided tour, plenty of which should be on offer at any open day. These are usually conducted by current students or members of faculty, and can offer a great insight into the course content.

You’ll also want to check out the surrounding area, particularly if you’re relocating. Since you may be spending a good bit of time at the college, you’ll want a location a vibrant area with decent connections and a lively nightlife.

Pulse College Open Days 2015

If you’re looking to get in to the creative industries, there’s no better launch-pad here in Ireland than Pulse College. Staffed by industry veterans, our courses in music production, games development, animation and film aim to equip our students with the skills and expertise necessary to find employment in these competitive industries.

We have two upcoming Open Days at our campuses – one in our Galway campus on the 18th of July and the other on Dublin campuses on the Thursday 23rd. If you want to find out what we can offer you, then register your interest here and make sure you secure a place.

You can also contact us directly here with any questions you might have about our courses!


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