The CAO Application – What To Expect

The CAO – you`re probably tired of all the warnings about how to complete this form and  the stories of mistakes being made/wrong courses offered etc etc. But bear with all the advice; this is a critical moment in your life and it’s well worth taking time out to nail the CAO – to suit exactly what your real preferences are. And if it`s done right, the CAO can set you up in the right career for life. But don’t be over-whelmed; you’ll get there. You may want to do a creative media course that’s not on the CAO. Or if things don’t work out the way you wanted when you get your Offer; there’s still plenty of options – like many of our Pulse courses – and hey; these are great choices too!

One reason why there’s so much to the CAO is that there’s so much choice – and that’s a good thing! But of course it’s time-consuming to research all the courses, with the pressure of the  Leaving Cert. always in the background, along with the deadline which is coming up fast; the CAO needs to be done before 1st of February.

Okay. Time for a deep breath. First thing`s first, the deadline is no major worry, as you can change your mind at any point. So no need to panic, but instead be mindful of the types of worries that the CAO can bring… worries that we at Pulse College can hopefully alleviate. Let’s take a quick look at what we have on the CAO and here’s a heads up on other choices too…


BA in Film & Television Production GC466 – Kickstart Your Career

For those with a real passion for filmmaking, this really is the perfect course for you. If you`ve got a keen interest in film and want to learn about the different aspects of producing films & videos  – writing, editing, managing – Pulse will take your enthusiasm and we’ll nurture it with you, in a structured way that will encourage you to learn though doing.  This TV and film production course will take your existing knowledge and passion and will help it grow not just in volume, but also in the direction that you want to follow.

This is a three year, full-time course that extensively covers all areas of production, from directing to crafting projects suitable for inclusion in a showreel made to industry-standard. Subjects are taught mainly by tutors with experience in the professional industry. In its final year, the course also includes several electives that allow students to specialise in areas such as cinematography, post-production sound and visual effects. The BA in Film & TV production is a great course for those looking to start a career in Film or TV, and who want to enjoy all aspects of being a student at Pulse College.


Explore Other Options at Pulse

While the BA in Film & Television Production is the only Pulse course on the CAO, we have many other creative career choices in the college. These courses are not on the CAO but they are available through direct application. These include courses in  Music & Audio, Games and Animation.  Each area is quite distinct in terms of creative approaches, technologies, skill-sets and job opportunities.

Overall, the CAO is just another step in your journey. Your choice in February will not define who you are over the course of your life. You can always change your mind later and it’s important to remember – you will have some great options if the CAO route doesn’t work out for you. If you would like to find out more about courses here at Pulse, then please contact us.