Logic Pro X Course


Do you take music production seriously?  Are there times when you wish you could use better tools to end up with a more professional sounding track or one with an effect you just couldn’t create with your current skills or set-up?

If so, consider this course – Music Production with Apple Logic Pro X.

When you listen to any modern song, regardless of the genre – think hip hop, pop, dance, punk etc. –  there’s a good chance it was created & produced in Logic Pro X.

It’s the definitive software for modern music production with being used for so many jobs in music.  But more importantly for you…it’s a passport to creating top quality tunes that could rival even the biggest names in music.

You don’t need reserved access to a high tech studio. You don’t need to be best friends with a music legend. All you need is a competent knowledge and understanding of Logic Pro X to get started.

 Why Apple Logic Pro X makes your life so much easier…

  • Easy to use….once mastered. Hats off to Apple on this one. It’s meticulous design makes the UX so much more smooth & friendly than earlier versions and competitor tools.
  • Professional Results. As a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and MIDI sequencer software application – it guarantees quality from first note to final master.
  • A vast array of tools. Whatever rough idea you have in your head, you can make it a reality through the software’s powerful arsenal of music tools.
  • Once you’re trained and with a bit of experience…you can quickly produce a beat.
  • Record MIDI …Virtual Drum Tracks…Flex Pitch…so many tools that create the quality of sound that you’re looking for.


Obviously, it’s a great development in music technology…but it is a complex tool with many capabilities and nuances. To help you get up to speed, we have developed a tailored course

Introducing Music Production with Apple Logic Pro X


The course runs over 6 weeks, 1 evening a week… the Music Production with Apple Logic Pro X course helps you master the skills you need to develop to take your productions to the next level. With a dedicated team from Windmill lane Recording studios, you will be well equipped to explore the nuances of the platform.


Some of what you will do

  • Create beats and slice rhythms using Apple loops, Drum machine Designer, Ultrabeat
  • Learn how to create music and sound for movies
  • Learn how to edit MIDI and audio.
  • You’ll learn how to record instruments and vocals.
  • Learn the basics of music composition: chords, harmony and melodies.
  • Sit the Apple Pro Logic official exam – if you want. This is an option at the end of the course.


The best music producers in the world are using Logic Pro X to perfect their craft… you can too!

For more details on the course, see here or get in contact with us.