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Pulse College Galway Welcomed Game Design legend, John Romero, as part of the city’s Largest Gaming Event

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The Doom Deathmatch event in aid of Cancer Care West with special guest (and creator of Doom!) John Romero hosted by Pulse College Galway, Galway Gaming Tribe and Galway Games Developers last weekend was the largest gaming event to be staged in Galway. Many activities were conducted during the event including a Doom Deathmatch tournament, a Heroes of Hearthstone tournament, Street Fighter playoffs, board games, a demo section of predominantly local video games in development and a couple of podcast recordings, firstly with John and Brenda Romero and later with Chris and Michael from Pulse College. Overall it was a hugely successful event with in excess of 100 attendees across all the activities, with all seeming to find great enjoyment at the various activities going on within the Pulse Galway facility in the Geata na Cathracha complex on Fairgreen Road.

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The game demo section included 5 games in development in Galway that have been Greenlit – Darkside Detective (Isometric Dreams with our own Course Administrator Chris Colston, and due for release later this year) Goblins and Grottos (Psychic Software); Trench (Howling Hamster); Terra (Star Cave Studios) Boxman Begins (Peripheral Labs). Galway is fast becoming a very busy location for games development. Other games demoed were Sons of Sol: Crow’s Nest from Wicklow developers RetroNeo Games and Onikira from Dublin based Developers Digital Furnace that is due for release later this year.

The Doom Deathmatch with John Romero was an adrenaline pumping event with twitchy fingers running on overtime. It was great to see the John sitting there unfazed by the intense competition going on around him. He was calmness personified – I suppose that comes with the designer knowing their game inside out.

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The StreetFighter playoff was another blast from the past with crt TVs and HORI sticks the weapons of choice. Not one for the casual player as the skill level on show was quite high. The Heroes of Hearthstone tournament was a hotly contested throughout the day.

The other activities on the day included a selection of some of the board games that get a regular play within the local gaming community in Galway and the recording of a podcast interview with John and Brenda by Hit Start Now.

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In an event that linked very strongly with Galways bid for European Capital of Cultural 2020 it was a great event for the Galway gaming community. We would like to thank everyone who was involved in making this event such a success and we hope to see many more similar events at Pulse College in Galway.

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