ZBrush Character Creation


Faculty: Games
Duration: 12 Weeks (Tue, 6pm – 9pm & Sat, 11am – 2pm)
Delivery: Online
Level: Pulse College Certificate
Start Date: Saturday, April 6th 2024
Course Director: Kevin Adanan
Fees: €600
Certification: Pulse College Cert


In this 12-week ZBrush Character Creation Masterclass, students will embark on an immersive journey from concept to a fully realised, game-ready 3D character—the stylized zombie knight. The course covers a comprehensive range of skills essential for aspiring game artists, focusing on both organic and hard surface asset creation. The course places a strong emphasis on anatomy, guiding students through the creation of a stylised skeleton, which is treated as a character in its own right. Subsequently, students will learn to sculpt the character’s body anatomy, creating a second character that builds upon the skeletal foundation. This unique approach offers students a multifaceted perspective, showcasing a pipeline for the creation of multiple characters derived from a shared set of assets. Students will delve into character design principles, mastering the intricacies of ZSpheres, Dynamesh, and sculpting techniques during the initial weeks.

As the course progresses, they will refine their craft through the creation of custom tilable alpha textures and intricate detailing using layers. The later stages of the course encompass critical aspects of game character development, including topology optimization with ZRemesher, UV mapping, the creation of stylized hair, accessory modeling (clothes and armor), and weapon modeling. The course culminates with lessons on character posing, presentation skills, and the crucial process of exporting textures and meshes for integration into game engines.

This course is particularly vital for students aspiring to enter the games industry as 3D character artists. By providing hands-on experience in creating a stylized zombie knight, students will not only develop proficiency in ZBrush but also gain a deep understanding of the entire character creation pipeline. From conceptualization to the final export, the course ensures that students acquire the diverse skill set necessary for creating compelling, game-ready characters. The focus on both organic and hard surface assets makes this course well-rounded, preparing students for the varied demands of character design in the gaming landscape. Upon completion, students will have a portfolio piece that showcases their ability to bring imaginative concepts to life, making them valuable assets in the competitive field of game development.

Week 1

Zbrush Introduction, Character blockout from concept art, Dynamesh and Sculpting

Week 2

Creating Stylised skeleton

Week 3

Sculpting character body anatomy

Week 4

Custom tillable alpha textures

Week 5

Detailing character body – Layers

Week 6

Texturing – Polypaint

Week 7

Creating new topology – ZRemesher, Retopology, UV Mapping

Week 8

Creating Stylised Hair

Week 9

Creating Accessories – Clothes and Armour

Week 10

Detailing Accessories

Week 11

Weapon modelling

Week 12

Posing character, Presentation, Exporting textures and meshes


Vladimir Andreevsky – Art Director and 3D Artist

Vladimir is a distinguished mobile games Art Director and 3D Artist from Riga, Latvia. With over a decade of expertise in Zbrush and passion for character art, Vladimir brings a unique touch to each project.

Beginning the journey in the dynamic world of game development, Vlad showcased early prowess at Pixelbomb Games in Manchester, UK, sculpting 3D characters and breathing life into the console title “Beyond Flesh and Blood.” The trajectory continued with impactful roles at Beetroot Lab, where Vladimir defined art styles and led teams in crafting immersive experiences for mobile FTP action strategy games like “Mafia Stars” and “Heroes Squad.”

A pivotal chapter unfolded at Hypercell Games, where Vladimir assumed the dual mantle of Product Owner and Lead Artist. The mobile gaming sensation “Sand Balls,” with its monumental 300+ million downloads. In the same innovative spirit, Vladimir spearheaded the prototyping team, donning the hat of a Product Owner for the intriguing 2D mobile game “Freaky Stan: The Life Story.”

While at Tiny Wizard, Vladimir played a pivotal role in defining the fantasy-stylized MOBA game project’s art style from the ground up.

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