The Gaming Industry in 2020



The headlines speak for themselves when you see the trajectory that gaming has taken since the first game of Pong. In previous years, gaming was underestimated in terms of opportunity for enterprise. But having become a billion-dollar industry, with an estimated worth of nearly 140 billion in 2018, heads have already turned, and now they`re lining up to be a part of this ever-growing industry. Gaming is always expanding and advancing, and it looks like the next great advancement on the horizon is Blockchain, gaming technology that is set to change the face of the business altogether.


Blockchain? Let Us Explain

A large portion of gaming financials are from microtransactions, with in-game assets being traded back and forth for a multitude of currencies. With the current state of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin – and considering prevalent issues such as ransomware, the current platform security for gamers could be improved. Here`s where Blockchain technology comes in, as Blockchain allows the creator to build a safe, secure, but still highly dynamic and interactive platform. This is a platform where gamers can create new and exciting games, trade and store in-game assets safely and freely (while having total control over these assets) and interact with other players across completely different games. Most importantly… players cannot alter any of the game`s data, establishing a mutual trust and respect between player and platform. Blockchain has actually been around longer than Bitcoin, and so many players are already on board for this amazing addition to gaming as an industry.


Here At Pulse

At Pulse we strive to be on top of the latest trends in industry. For this reason, all our courses are relevant to what’s going on in reality. You can learn about Games Development from the ground up in our full time Games Design and Games Development Course. You`ll cover a wide range of topics, such as the technology behind game engines, game environment production, and most important in any art centric project; pre-production. This game design course is also available on a part time level, to accommodate anyone looking to further their knowledge on the production of games from a basics level and upwards. Blockchain is just one of many new exciting developments to come to Gaming, and there`s sure to be more on the horizon.


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