Pulse Short Courses

The Range of Film Courses Offered at Pulse

You might be very interested in film but not sure how to get into the industry or even what roles might interest you – as there are so many diverse jobs involved in making a film. Alternatively, you might have strong creative writing skills or specialised technical know-how that could be applied in the business but you need to hone your skills and get up-to-speed with current trends and tech.  It can be easy for new techniques and methods to pass people by if they are not directly involved in a project or keeping up-to-speed through education.

Pulse College provides short courses that teach participants what you need to know about getting into the business and evolving your career, given your talents and interests. These short courses cover the key parts of film production, across all areas. Check out which one might be the best fit for you….

Intro to Film Introduction

The Intro to Film Production will cover the basics of Camera, Lighting, Sound, Directing, Producing, Storyboarding & Editing. All of these areas are taught by experienced industry professionals in Pulse`s top quality production facilities. This film production course starts on the 13th of July.

Scriptwriting and Screenwriting course

The Scriptwriting and Screenwriting course will cover the writing process from initial ideas to applying for funding to selling yourself and your script. This is great course for feedback on your ideas and how to organise your creativity. From learning how to write a script for a short film to longer variations will be covered. This course will start on the 6th July.

Adobe After effects

Our Adobe After Effect Courses, One & Two are three day long courses are aimed to train students from the ground up. The courses are great for new and existing users of Premiere pro and are taught by Ireland`s only certified Adobe Instructor for Premiere Pro and After Effects. Adobe After Effects has also become widely used by many Digital Marketers, as it is a useful and dynamic tool in designing a variety of graphics and illustrations. After Effects One will follow the official workbook from Adobe Systems, providing a very forward-learning structure. AE One will also go into real-world broadcast compositing, as well as exploring AE`s connections to Creative suite products such as Bridge and Premiere Pro. After Effects One will be held across the 26th to the 28th of May.

After Effects Two will take more of a step towards advance compositing that mixes action video with graphic components. Covering the possibilities and potential of the Graphics panel in Premier Pro, and concluding with 3D Scene manipulations and animated infographics; this course will guarantee the student is fully proficient in Adobe After Effects. After Effects Two will be held from the 19th to the 21st of March.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Our Pro CC Course is a great example of an Adobe Premiere Pro course that prioritizes the right information, boiling it down to three days of key information on video production, from inception to output. This film editing course also suits both new and existing users of Premiere Pro. Students will work on a piece end-to-end complete with sound effects, music etc. This course is held over a three day period from the 3rd to the 5th of June.

Video editing with Final Cut Pro X

The Video Editing with Final Pro X course is a three-day course which focuses on the practical techniques in editing, as well as paying particular attention to best practice as regards to media management. This video editing course covers areas such as Ingesting and Organising media, Editing cutaways & alternative storylines, and Exporting projects. This course starts the 11th of June.

Why Study Film at Pulse?

Over the past decade the value of the Irish film Industry has doubled, giving the industry new and exciting potential. There are so many new opportunities and the best way to approach these are with the right tools and knowledge, both of which are available at Pulse. Pulse delivers courses in a very real, practical way, with top industry professionals as teachers, excellent facilities and a highly creative, fun environment.

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